Sunday, October 11, 2009


So I just added a TON of pictures to Facebook, maybe if I get time I will update the blog, but it's not looking really good. So if you want to see what we've been up to, including the pumpkin patch, and pictures of our new house get a Facebook account and check them out :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

How much time do you have to read this?

Well my promise of more things to come has yet to materialize, sorry. So, I’ll fill you in on what has been going on with us the past three months….

The first few weeks in June were pretty boring for us (not including the broken arm, see next paragraph), not a whole lot going on.

The first Wednesday in June was a nice day; I called Amanda to see if she and her kids wanted to meet us at the park. We decided to go to Kiwanis Park and play for a while. Kenzie was having a good time, mostly picking up garbage (she does not like things to be out of place) and her and Jax got the on wooden/metal train thing (I’m going to take a picture so everyone can see what the heck I’m talking about). A few minutes later Jax took a digger, but he was ok (thank goodness), and about 30 seconds after that Kenzie took a digger from the same spot. She cried for quite a while, but I thought that she was just cranky as she had been the past few days. I took her home and she took a nap. When she woke up she was VERY cranky, and just wanted to cuddle and wouldn’t hold her cup or spoon *super off for her* I thought that if I got her out of the house it would be better, but after a few times of getting her in and out of the car seat I (finally) realized that something was up. I took her to work and had Amber (our absolutely wonderful Physicians’ Assistant who also does shifts at the ER) look at her. She told me to take her in and get x-rays on her arm, she thought that maybe she had dislocated her elbow. So to St. Joe’s we went (our first ER trip), and they got us in fairly quickly. Although once we got back to the room it seemed like we were there forever. They took x-rays and decoded that her arm was broken in 2 spots, the lower and the elbow. They splinted it and we set up an appointment with Lewiston Orthopedics. The next day she pulled off her splint so we had to visit Dr. Harris so he could re-apply it. On Friday we went to the Orthopedics and Dr. Flock took some more x-rays and said that her elbow was not broken after all just her lower arm, so he casted it with a cute little half arm cast and away we went. The next day, she pulled that sucker off, so we had to make a phone call to Dr. Flock to see what to do, (we had to saw it in half and wrap it around her arm), then on Monday they put a full arm cast on (went up past her elbow). She had to keep in on for 2 ½ weeks and it did not slow her down one bit. Eating was a pain because I had to wrap it every time, and baths were horrible, she would scream the whole time, but other than that the weeks went fast. We got the cast off on the 24th of June and they did more x-rays, Dr. Flock said that she was healed but to keep her away from playgrounds for the following 2 weeks. And that is the story of Kenzie and the purple cast. (Yes I have multiple pictures of this adventure too)

We thought about going to Seattle for Father’s Day, but decided not to and Waylon ended up with a new Ruger 9mm to take hunting with him instead. (He taught me how to shoot it last weekend and it was pretty cool).

The last week in June we went camping up past Fish Creek (see previous picks) and the story that goes along with that.

The weekend of the 4th we went up to the same spot but this time we were with my Dad’s family and we had a great time. Kenzie once again did great on the 4-wheelers, we went on about a 3 hour ride and she did really well. She also (almost) mastered walking over all the tough terrain in the campsite. I have pictures of this adventure and I hope to get them posted soon, but seeing how my previous promises of pictures have been broken I am reluctant to make any more. On Saturday morning we took to the parade in Grangeville, it was oh so very hot, but she loved watching it. She was pointing at the horses, and marching along with the band. She tried to chase after them too. She also liked picking up the candy, but she would put it all in her mouth if I didn’t watch her.

On Tuesday Kenzie and I went up to Spokane to visit Waylon. I have Wednesday’s off, but this is the first time we did not have something planned (Dr. Appointment, satellite install, etc) since he started working up there. We did some shopping at Target (my fav!) and the mall and I was able to order 2 new pairs of glasses for $69.95 (including lens), America’s Best is my new favorite place for eyeglasses. (I could do the commercial right?). I spent some time cleaning the camper since 3 boys living in 24 foot long space can get pretty stinky, and after Waylon got off work we went shopping at the mall for a while. Kenzie had to sleep in bed with us, which was fine, but since she never does this it was pretty interesting getting her to go to sleep. I think it was probably after 11 each night. She would lay still for all of about 2 seconds and then re-position herself, both Waylon and I ended up with feet and elbows in our face quite a few times. We left early on Thursday morning so I could get to work, but Kenzie got to stay home with a babysitter since the regular babysitter’s daughter got pink eye.

Currently Kenzie has a little fever, she got her MMR shot last week and the doc said that if she was to get a fever it would be about a week later, and he was right (amazing how they know these things). I don’t like it when she doesn’t feel great, but she let me rock her for about a half hour, and I loved that!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Mom and Me Swim Lessons

So Christel and I signed up for Parent Tot swim lessons at the aquatic center this summer. Layla is so good about floating on her back and my little munchkin wont let me lay her head in the water, although she doesn't mind it when we go under completly. We have class on Tuedays and Thurdays and I hope by the end she does a little better, this last time she was pretty cranky since it was about dinner time and she did not have a snack. She likes to get out of the pool and then sort of jump back in, but I think she would rather just run around the outside of it if I let her. Thursday Richie brought Layla in so Christel took some pictures for me.


I am very behind on this posting thing..I plan on getting caught up in the next two weeks including pictures from our trip to the coast, Kenzie's baptism and pics of her broken arm (along with the stories, for now I am working backwards doing the most recent first.

So, this weekend we went camping up past Fish Creek, I love where we camp because it's this huge area with trees and DIRT!! and lots of trails for 4-wheeling, I am so excited becuase we are going there again this weekend for the 4th and it will be like the old times with my dad's family. Kenzie totally loved the whole camping thing, she adores everything outdoorsy so it was a good fit for her. It was easy to keep her away from the fire, I just had to tell her it was "hot" and she repeats it and goes the other direction, say "hot" next time you see her, its so cute! She also liked ridign the 4-wheeler, mom and dad got her a super cute helmet that fits great and she would just hang out while we rode, she fell asleep for part of the rides too. More later....

Friday, May 29, 2009

Oregon Coast

For Memorial Day we usually go camping, but with Waylon working in Spokane, it was a long haul for the camper and the 4-wheeler needs some maintenence, so we decided to take a family trip to the Oregon Coast. We booked our hotel room 2 weeks in advance (which is not much notice for me, I like to have things planned). We stayed at the Shiloh Inn in Newport and it was really great, the rooms were nothig special but they were really big and the bed was comfy, plus there was a fridge to keep Kenzie's milk in and a microwave to warm up my coffee. It had a great view of the ocean and we could walk right down to the beach. I knew it was going to be cold so I packed warm clothes for Kenzie and I, my dear husband however thought that shorts and t-shirts would be good for him. Needless to say, we ended up buying him a coat (the warmest it got over there was about 50). We also bought new underpants for my hubby since it seems he forgot what he needs to pack when we go places.

We spent some time on the beach by our hotel, but it was VERY windy and Kenzie was not really into it, so we took a drive and looked at the lighthouses and checked out the super cool tide pools. We visited the aquarium, which was awesome (Kenzie was in love with the puffins, should would have taken them home if we let her), and did some shopping in Lincoln City. The total drive was about 8 hours, on the way over I figured that Kenzie would sleep since we did not leave until about 4, but no, she hung out with us until about 10:30 then she finally dozed off. We got to Newport about 1 a.m., when she promptly woke up but we got her back to sleep, (even if she did spend the night taking up the majority of the king size bed in the hotel). The trip back was not too bad, she slept for the first 2 hours, had a snack, stoped at the outlet mall outside of Portland, hung out, ate lunch, got a little crabby, took another nap, got crabby again, played at a park along the way, and then hung out some more until we got home. I felt a little bad since she was in the car pretty much all day Monday, but she was fine as soon as we got home. I have a zillion pictures to post, and more about what is going on with us too, I just dont have the time to do it right now. Kenzie is getting baptized Sunday, so I will post pictures of that too.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lets see, while I was looking at my blog to see if anyone had updated their's recently I realized that it has been a month, yes A MONTH, since I wrote anything.  So here is an update...

Waylon started working for my uncle's company Inland Crane, he is working out of town which kind of sucks, but with the crappy hours he usually had with Albright's we hardly notice the difference, plus the house stays cleaner and the laundry stays done longer.  He is currently on a job in Spokane and only works half days every other Friday.  He really likes the people that he works with and the company treats him good.  The best part is that he finally has direct deposit,  this may not seem like a big deal, but to me, not having to put a paycheck in the mail every other week is great, it is just there (like mine has been since the beginning of time) and its wonderful.  

My job is pretty much the same, my coworker who I share an office with was found to have breast cancer recently, she has had surgery and is now on medication, but it has been a little stressful there.  

Easter weekend was really great, my cousin's family came up to Cottonwood and Kenzie played with her little girls a lot.  However, she is getting very clingy to me.  I am not used to it because ever since she was born she wanted to be away, down, anythign but held, and lately she not only wants to be held, but wants to be held only by me.  The upside of that is that she will run to me and give me a hug, or cuddle with me a little and I love that.

Two weeks ago we had scrapbook camp at Christels' mom's house, it was really fun and I got 50+ pages done, I only had about 15 more pictures to scrap but decieded to go home to spend time with Waylon while he was home for the weekend.  

The Tuesday after scrapbook camp I headed to Nashville for a work conference, my mom was able to come with me so I could take Kenzie along.  She did really good on the plane, it was not nearly as horrible as I imagined it would be.  Our hotel was awesome (the room not so much), but we spent a lot of time walking around the gardens in the hotel and in the mall next door.  Kenzie spent a lot of time in shorts and dresses since it was so warm there, she got her first real "owie" on her knee Wednesday and kept re-injuring it throughout the week (it is mostly healed now).  We ate at a cool resturant with a huge fish tank with sharks and Kenzie got clam chowder in her hair (don't ask).  We discovered that she really hates colsaw, we went to the Country Music Hall of Fame, The Hermitage (Andrew Jackson's home), The Parthenon (replica of the one in Greece), and we attended the Grande Ole Opry.  The classes were good too and I learned a ton *which is good since it was the whole reason that I went*  Next year the conference is is Anaheim, so hopefully I get to go again.

Other things going on with Kenzie...
She now has 10 teeth, 4 front top, 4 front bottom, 1 bottom back and 1 top back
She is starting to climb, and it is so funny, she thinks that she can climb up onto anything but her little legs wont let her and she gets pretty upset
She is finally getting a little cubbiness to her, she eats all the time and her tummy and her little cheecks are starting to show it
She loves to dance, she will push the button on my clock radio so the music turns on and she can dance to it
More much too, but I think this post is long enough, I am going to add pics too so check them out!